Nov 2, 2010

whatcha knittin' ?

currently I am knitting a cable surrounded by garter stitches.
Not sure exactly what it will become.
I could pick up along the 'top' and close that in & make a hat.
or I could pick up on both sides and make a purse..
or i could pick up on both sides & make a sweater.. um.. what to do ?
I'm using a wool that goes from cream to brown & it's a bit tweedy .
so would work for about anything. that's what is fun about knitting/crochet, you can change your mind in the middle :-)

beautiful day here in Iowa.. 60's & sunny ! yea.. jena & I walked the field , always seems a bit sad to walk through a picked field, everything closed up for winter . speaking of the north field, Kim , jena & I spent sat. putting up snow fence. we have about 400 yards so far & need to add 200 more. we are covering every bit of the north field this year. HOPEFULLY we won't be snowed is as we were last year@!

Pup : Aka Little Ricky , is doing well.. he is still stubborn ! but that is to be expected from a 5 month old pup I guess. He about pulls your arm off when you take him outside ! (he is on a lease)
on nice days he has his own place outside.. Not that he likes being tied up, or that we want him tied up .. but the fields are so tempting to a pup & we certainly don't want him getting to the roads !

I best get around & see how the elections are doing.. Sounds like the libs/dems are having a rough time. lets pray it keeps going . ( The news reporter on my radio just said , Obama has done all he can to help ! ) LOL ! yep.. sounds to me like HE is helping the wrong side :-)
thanks O !

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