Sep 24, 2010

school daze.


things are moving along for school.. Jena still loves science & anything to do with reading.. esp history.
we found a new grammar program.. called Grammar made easy.. she likes that better then the ABeka one.. so that works.
also we are into the pre-algebra .. so far so good.

our pup , Lil Ricky is growing by leaps an bounds. he must weigh about 35 pounds by now.. he is almost 4 months old. he's behaving a bit better , at least he minds me :-) something must translate on the Mom level.. when I yell at him to stop biting Jena he sits right down & gives me the sad 'puppy dog' eyes :-)

I have completed most of my Shadow cabled sweater.. I ran out of yarn . so will have to buy another one. but I think I did a good job on it & it will be a super warm winter cardi.. you can see a close up of one piece before I sewed it together.. I'll post updated pics when I get the front edge done.
I bought a Turkish spindle !! I know.. another hobby.. :-) I can't hardly wait for it to arrive.. once it and the roving arrive I won't want to do anything else :_)
I'll keep you posted on it.
Jena is staying alnight with gram & going to see nanny mcfee at our local theatre.. should be fun..
so have a great day !! write comments when you can.

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