Sep 11, 2010

puppy !?!


well as you may remember we had to put our beloved Charlie dog down a yr ago.

since then we have been kind-of looking for another , we knew when the right dog/puppy came along we would know it.

Well Daisha lives in Lincoln NE & a cute little puppy came up on her home school group. SO.................of course we took him.

he is a mastiff / lab mix.. so won't be HUGE , but will be a presence for sure.

also the two breeds are good family dogs, which is important too.

So far he minds me better then anyone else. which is SO nice :_)

with Charlie I would yell KIM ! and Charlie would mind , LOL It worked even if Kim was not home ..
now it seems to work with Kim yells LISA !

I love it..

I am more then half way done with my cardi.. so with the cooler weather just round the corner I am excited to complete & wear it :-)

hope you all enjoy your week..


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