Jul 20, 2010


well it has been awhile.. not worried cuz I don't think anyone reads this :-)
but that's ok..
we had our sweet Owen a couple weeks ago.. the pic of him and jena at lunch time was so cute. He loves to just lay his head down anywhere :-)
Jena took the pic of the sun coming thru the clouds after a storm.. so beautiful.
And a wonderful Apple Pie.. so yummy ,jena & I did that together.. it was quite funny, as you can tell it's not picture perfect. but it's taste perfect :_)

County Fair time is upon us.. Jena has a couple crocheted items to add.
she also has come great pictures she took. we have to run into town & get frames for them as soon as our neighbor returns our car.. Tye rod broke Sunday :-(

our weather has been SO rainy the poor garden has suffered. Veggies are growing.. but so are the weeds .. lol

I have been trying to keep up better with the house work... it's just not a priority as it used to be.. but I do need to improve , that's for sure.

we had a great week end with daisha & Max here.. we laughed so hard in the pool. just had a great time.. except most of us were pretty burnt.. not the kids as much as the adults..

well off to finish up my house.. get thru the shower & hope the neighbor comes by soon. SO nice to have a mechanic close by :-)


Christian Homekeeper said...

I read your blog! :) I love the picture of the sun coming through the clouds - awesome! Apple pie looks yummy too, hope you are well and have a good weekend!


gracielynn's said...

thanks Bev.. I just don't keep up here as well as you do , but thanks for taking your time to read mine ..
God Bless YOU always !