Feb 20, 2010

redoin/ the house

YEA !! Finally we went to the Restore. Habitat for Humanities resale store :-) we have been wanting to stop by there for years ..

well I should say .. we went to the 'old ' store. and found out that the New store was on the OTHER side of town, of course the north side. which is where we came in on :-( UGH !
you'd think someone would change the recording .

But.. our biggest find ............ready !! ??

MARBLE 12 x 12 tiles !~ Yippee ! so pretty .. so shiny. SOOOO MINE !
we are going to put them over the existing counter at the island ..
can you tell I am thrilled ? and you know why ?

They cost just SEVEN DOLLARS! yep..$ 7.00 for 25, which will more then do the island.. with enough left over that we may make serving trays for gifts or something else nice.

Marble folks.. shiny .. smooth. pretty.. did I mention shiny ? Marble for SEVEN DOLLARS !:-)

OK. enough shouting.. but it's so shiny ! It's marble and it' cheap.

then of course we went on to Menard's.. and basically shot the entire budget.
but nothing could damper my spirits. ( marble for 7.00 :-) We bought ceramic tile for the front entry. we're totally redoing it. as it is now there is a 3x3 square of linoleum . NO where to stand .. people feel they have to huddle when they come in the door. ( with the stairs to the basement huddling is required :_) we are extending the area to 7 ft.. and then basically making a walkway to the future coat closet.. and the bath room.
Then tiling the bath room too.
At least after 10 yrs I finally have a plan for that irritating room :-)

well enough..
hope you are having a great evening.
God Bless. one and all :-)

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