Jan 23, 2010

snowed in.. now dealing with Lights Out

Well after over a month of snow / blizzards/ sub ZERO Temps. we were blessed with warmer weather.Slightly 'warmer' by Iowa January standards.

Little did I realize that would mean Heavy DAILY ALL DAY fog.. for days on end.
Which of course led to icy roads. Making getting to work for Hubby a bit slow going . But being a man he was determined to get there & back home again. And of course Jen and i were locked at home more days in a row then we care to remember. The only folks that see all this with a touch of nostalgia are the folks who live in the south :-)
I am almost fifty & I can't remember a single winter with so much variety :-)

Last night we had heavy rains, so there's a bit of ground showing.. Not that the 5 to 6 foot drifts are gone by any means ! I bet we have a piece or two of dirty snow hiding around even into May this year.
We have been thankful for our fire place.. I don't want to live anywhere w/o one in future .
our propane got down too 25 % before they made it here.. We conserved what we had by setting the thermostat at 60 & kept the fireplace going ( Jena was Great at keeping firewood stocked).

I also took an old quilt , added small ribbon ties, and hung it on the door way between the family room & the rest of the house :-)

I was able to clean my sewing room, I also made a curtain for the table & a cover for Jena's chair. it looks so much nicer.. all sorted and clean.

Now.. on too the lights being out ! LOL ! we are with a co-op Light company.. so we have fantastic service.. but the think ice on power lines just couldn't be helped.. certainly they did all they could. But in the end we had two days of no lights. The first day they went off at 9 am and didn't return until after 4:30. Jena and I had fun tho.. we heated our spaghetti in a heavy pan in the fire .. I heated my coffee, and we even tried out hand at skillet cookies.. that didn't work as well. but hey , you'll eat anything when you're hungry ;_)

Then !, yesterday as we were waiting for my greatest nephew to come by .. our lights went out again.. Not as much fun this time.. But Owen was none the wiser :-_ we had a wonderful time with him all day. He is such a sweety :-) . Thankfully the lights returned at 4:30 and I was able to slow cook a roast on the stove.

Also I was thankful to have my knitting. as long as I had that.. my MP3 player & my retro battery operated radio.. I was content.
Jena & I listened to old radio shows like Fibber McGee .. and Father Knows Best together.
it's a good thing we are used to being together ( home school ) , so the days locked at home either with blizzards Or ice storms we were able to survive quite nicely :) The talk in town , when we made it in , was all about how long everyone had been snowed in.. how long it took to blade them out and how they made it to work Or not :-)

well it's time to clean a bit. and get ready to head to Co. Bluffs .
I hope you all keep the guys and gals in our military in your prayers , they have your back !


Bev said...

Love the pics of the snow, thanks for sharing! :)

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