Dec 18, 2009



We're almost to Christmas !!

I finally did what I promised myself Years ago..
I put a set amount of money in an envelope for the kids , and when that was gone, they were done.. no ifs ands or butts about it :-)
A lady ahead of us in line seemed to be doing the same thing.. only to make it even MORE doable, she had the clerk ring the items up separately !
genus ! Pay with the cash.. put the change back in said envelope..

Not maybe the most favorable of things to do to the person behind you :_)
but hey, it works !
So I had the clerk ring my items up per their appointed envelope & YEA !! loved it !
So if you have been doing this right along.. Great going !
if you're thinking about this option for next year .. why wait? Try it for birthdays this coming year , you'll be glad you did .. I know I was :-)

Blessings to all !

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