Dec 29, 2009

Merry Christ MAs !!

What a time it was.. snowed in.. the kids couldn't come home until sunday afternoon.. ( No church cuz the snow drifted back in !)
note the pic of the guy on the skid loader and the man on the tractor. not in this pix is the man wiht the BIG skid loader and the man in his trk with a blade !!

It was a nice to have daisha and max here & my niece Ashley came too.. with her Owen. hope we helped her from being a bit bored while hubby was working.

Daisha gave me so wonderful hand painted yarn.. she told me it was great for socks.
is she nuts.. ? i wouldn't want this yarn to touch a shoe.. let a lone this nasty floor.. Must think of something else to make it.. a shawl perhaps ? Thanks Daisha.

Jena was thrilled with everything she got.. esp. her r-skates.. :-) so that made my day .
max was a bit unhappy with his.. but that's b/c he hasn't really learned to skate.. he'l be a pro once he gets going.

kim was very happy with his new golf balls .. with the Big Ne. N on them.. bet he doesn't shoot those out into the corn field :-)

kim and I are looking forward to the SNOW melting.. but according to the weather guy........ that is a LONG time coming ! rats.
At least there is a bit of sun today.. so we must be thankful for what we have.

kim has been taking the van to work , cuz the car is still in the garage..

God Bless you all in the coming year..


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

WOW!!!! Thats some snow!!

Bev said...

That is some major snow! :) I love it and wish we had some but we didn't get any - just rain.