Jul 14, 2009

jena and I to CB today

Hello ladies..

As you may have noticed I have been lazy about putting things up here or on my blog.
my problem with bloggin is that I am irritated most the time with trying to post pics. a story is kind of boring w/o them :-)
I started a newsletter in June.. but as you know I didn't post it.
seems we are all quieter in summer.. which is understandable..
Jena crochets a pair of slippers and gloves.. WITHOUT a pattern.. :-) she will enter those in the fair.
our county fair starts in little over a week. she also plans on baking something..
and entering a photo she took, kim pointed out to me that she is getting quite good with her photos and should probably take it up as a serious hobby .. so this year we will look into getting her into a class .

We also went to CB today.. which is Council Bluffs in Iowa. across the might Missouri from Omaha Ne.
We had to take over due books to the libr.. and ended up renting 4 movies.. I had been trying to find Beetle Juice for her .
but alas , it was not in .. so we rented Romeo and Juliet .. the 1968 version , I saw this one in High School. SO good.
and a red skeleton & others.. I LOVE getting free movies for 3 weeks !!
we did learn to run thier copy machine too.. had to make copies of a knitting book.. I'm not quite done with the sweater thingy I'm making.

We stopped at Walgreen's for breakfast bars.. wow.. folgers coffee there was 13.00! what are they thinking.. must not be thinking of selling coffee.. ! We then went to the groc. store and it was only 9.00 .. still higher then in years past.. but gee . 13.00 for coffee !
we always buy salmon so it is our supper on groc. day . Supper was easy .. salmon.. a large sweet potato and a veggie .
so we were back home by 1:30 , enjoying our movies..
It is hot here again in the house and esp. by the computer ! so I will stop for now.
God Bless you all !

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your dinner sounds delicious - I love salmon! Wow - coffee sounds expensive in your part of the world.