Jun 16, 2009

my eml and hers to me ,,.the Yarnharlot :-)

 I just read a book by Stephanie that was an absolute riot ! So funny I laughed out loud.. i think it might even be funny if you're not a knitter or a Knitter :_)
You have to read the book to get the little k big K deal.. :-)
Please get her books.. you will be so glad you did !
Below is her response to my eml . & mine to her below that.
I was thrilled to think she took time to respond to emls :_)


Lisa, what a  lovely email to receive first thing in the morning! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thrilled that you wrote. 

Thanks so much, 


The Yarn Harlot lives at

On Jun 16, 2009, at 1:54 AM, lisa mickey wrote:

Hello Stephanie!

It is 12:46 am  here in my little house on the prairie of Iowa.. and I am sad to say I just finished The Yarn Harlot.
I'm sad b/c I'm finished with it. :-(
I rarely put down my knitting for reading these days and so to read anything other then knitting patterns is a miracle.
I just had to eml ya and say .. I LOVED IT !
Although I am a knitter and working on being a Knitter.. I related to so much in the book.
The last bit about the blue dpn was a riot !

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart .. your writings gave me .. and my sighing  hubby and youngest dd , many hours of enjoyment. ( I spaced out the book. not allowing myself to read more then a chapter or two a night :-)
course I had to read the good bits to them as you would except.

one little thing I am concerned about..
how did the birth go with the woman in the pager story?-)

Lots of yarny love ..

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