Apr 24, 2009

new post !

WOW>> I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post !

I've included a pic of my youngest niece , Ash and her baby boy Owen :-)
He is about one month old now.. only 20 hours old in the picture :-)
they live 5 miles from us.. so needless to say we have been to visit him a 'couple' times :-)

We have been pretty busy.. so I guess that is as good an excuse as any.

We have been doing the normal things.. church, dance practice.. recital is may 23rd :-) Jena G is excited about that , again this year. She's excited to be IN FRONT during TWO songs.. Now if it was me i would have been thrilled to be hidden in the back ! LOL But not jena G , she wants to be front and center. hummm.. hope that's not a problem in future :_)

Today we plan on cleaning out the cken coop.. poor babies ,, it's just a mess. I think I cleaned it once this winter too.
anyway. New fluff , as we call it.. and a good sweeping down. it will smell like wood shavings and NOT cken poo !

I also am really inspired to get some things going on my etsy shop again.
so may start or should I say finish somethings for that .

As always.. Keep God in your heart..
and have a blessed day !

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