Apr 18, 2009


Wow. it's been a while since I posted here..

Seems time is flying of late.

I have been busy with sewing , working on a tutorial to post :-)Just one picture here to tease ya :-)
Also I was able to buy the yarn I needed to finish my spiral scarf , I love how it turned out. Plus it's super easy ! Gotta love that ! (I"ll post pics soon.
I am also crocheting and knitting hot pads for the Church sale. So really never a slow moment. :-)

Jena G and I went to our favorite thrift the other day.. I was able to buy about 10 home school work books.. ranging from easy fun stuff,to challenging :_) Not a mark in there either . The clerk said the lady brought in about 60 books.. all unused.
Guess she changed her mind about homeschooling. Her loss .. my gain :-)

well I have a lot more to say.. but will post Sunday night..

Hope you're all having a great day !

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