Apr 9, 2009

because I was there !

For all mothers , (& Fathers) , never underestimate the importance of raising your own kids at their home.
it may seem some days the laundry is never done.. the dishes keep piling up & the  kid is cranky & fussing !
You long for the days of office :-)
Just bend down, take them in your arms, and hug them (not too tight :-) 
Sit & rock them. Read a story , while the dishes pile up.. who cares ? They do !
Bake a cake,, take a walk. invite friends over.
BUT Set aside mom time. go to supper with friends. Women need friends too.. My friends & I do . we call it MNO . we relish the time ! And of course Hubby date night .
You can't 'live' w/o a paycheck ? well , you can't live w/o a heart, or your brain.. money ? yep.. God ALWAYS provides.." Lean not on your own understanding ."
I don't usually listen to Dr. Laura, but this morning her words got me to thinking. so I that's why I am sharing this with you.. I am sending this out to many people.. so I don't know where you fall in the line of things at the moment,
just thought I would share this cuz it's on my heart .
Over the years I have been on both sides of  the fence. First as a working mom, then a daycare mom. and now a SAHMHSM. I loved the kids I watched, don't get me wrong. (But I would rather have been put out of business by the lack of need . )
One very special boy I had from the time he was 1 1/2 yr to 10 died suddenly at 19.

I was in shock. his parents & I always referred to him as My Bryan.. So when the mother called to tell me ,
in her broken voice she said, Lisa ?  YOUR Bryan died . I am still heart broken.. and will all always be.
Nothing .. not a paycheck, not awards ,not praise from your employees can replace it.............. in a flash it can be done.. over. looking back.. would she had rather been there for him for those childhood years ? Certainly.
Dr. Laura read this info below , on her show this morning.. Always a great supporter of Stay at Home Moms (SAHM).
Her book is out now , and it's wonderful !
"How  can a mother honestly believe that her Love and Attention can be replaced with Hired Help ?
You ARE your kids next breath !
Any teacher will tell you that they can tell within 10 min. which child is being raised by it's mother and which is in daycare ."

I had people reporting to me, because I was there
I had people asking my opinion, because I was there
I had people expecting things from me, because I was there
I had deadlines I had to meet, because I was there
I had appointments I had to attend, because I was there
I thought I was important, because I was there

But, when I decided to stay home with my children,
I got to see their first steps, because I was there
I got to hear their first words, because I was there
I got to hold them when they were scared, because I was there
I got to snuggle them when they were sick, because I was there
I got to be their best friend, because I was there
I actually am important, BECAUSE I WAS THERE.
mark, written for his wife .
It will not matter in a hundred years,
what kind of car you drove,
what kind of house you lived in ,
what the size of your paycheck was,
all that will matter is that YOU raised your child
in a loving home, and met their basic needs .

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A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Beautiful and poignant post.
It is so important and often looked down apon or thought of as a lesser "job".
But it is such a blessing and so important.
I want nothing more than to raise my kids at home in my Loving Motherly arms.
And yes Often I need to remeber all else can wait but not the little person whoose tiny hands are patting the empty seat beside them with book in lap waiting Mumma to read!