Apr 1, 2009

another use for vinegar

Did you know that a wart  would be destroyed by your own body.. but it's make-up keeps your body  from 'knowing' it's there !
Weird huh ?  my sil got rid of a wart with a slice of raw pototo used the same way ., years ago , as far as I know it never returned .
Guess it works by telling the body .. hey.. it's Over HERE !! and then it goes away .

Another Use for Vinegar ( I read this remedy works for both moles and warts. )
I was able to remove a mole by placing a cotton soaked in apple cider vinegar directly on the mole, held in place by a bandage.  I kept it on for 12 hours then removed it for the next 12 hours.  I did this daily for about 2 weeks.  The thing slowly turned black, crusted up and fell off (I know, rather gross).  That was 3 months ago and there is no sign of it ever being there.  There have been cautions about applying apple cider vinegar directly to the skin, but I found the biggest irritation to my skin to come from the continual removal of band-aids (the adhesive), which I dealt with by applying a soothing hemp balm to surrounding skin.  

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