Feb 11, 2009


well.. it will be testing time again.. the first week in March .
Jena G is happy about it.. somewhat :-) I always buy her the study work book to prepare..
She loves doing it.. and so i think it gives her confidence .
it just seems like yesterday we were gearing up for it tho, this year has flown by.

it's a bit hard to think of things to write about when I'm thinking about mom. But then that is normal .. Jena G teases me about my gray hair.. and I remind her of the loved ones we lost.. and how much we would have loved to see them with graying temples .. No gray hair in heaven i guess. I shouldn;t say Lost anyway.. we didn't loose them.. we know where they are.. :-)

I had a dream about my nephew the other night.
I was sitting at someone's house.. my mom's maybe and was talking with everyone.
When I looked up . there was Rusty.. Standing his full 6' 4" .. smiling at me.. I said WELL Rusty.. ! I didn't know You were here.. and he just laughed and said yea, I've been here quite a while.. and he sat beside me and we talked.. That was it. Odd how it seems SO real to you , that in the morning you expect it to be so.
Rusty died 3 yr ago on Father's day.. he was just 21..

Well i knew I shouldn't write, !!

ON a happier note.. ..............hum............... well.. maybe tomorrow :_)


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