Jan 8, 2009

funny thing

I Have a great homeschool mom friend that is always so funny.. I told her the other day I nEEDED a "Tammi issium :-) " ,

I thought I would share it with you :-)
She wrote :
Okay, here's your pick-me-up...
Richard had told me a few days ago, "Please call
Joyce tomorrow and see how things are going."

I thought it was weird that he would ask
me to do that since Joyce (from church) and I are not
that close and because it was strange that
he would request that. But I finally decided
that God might be leading through my man,
so I called Joyce, and before I hardly said
anything at all, she started going on and on
about an issue that's been happening here.
We had a really nice talk!  And as we
finished chatting, she said, "I'm SO glad you
called. This is just what I needed, and I was
just praying about this this morning, and
your timing was perfect" or something like
that. I really saw how God had directed the
whole thing!
Then later when R got home, I told him that
I talked to Joyce for 45 minutes, and we had
a really nice talk, and she was REALLY glad
I called. Then I asked him what made him tell
me to call her... was it something she said
on Sunday?  He looked confused and asked
me who I was talking about. I reminded him
that he wanted me to call Joyce McC, and
I had called her.
He said, "No, I wanted you to call Joyce from DHS!"
Oh. My bad. Funny how God directs in ways that
even we do not understand or plan! HA!
Tammi --
[Faith cannot grow in a house of certainty.]

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