Jun 5, 2008

what to do first ?!


I have been away a long time.
Like everyone else out there life just gets busy.. in good ways and bad.
We had a funeral this week for my cousin.. she was only 45. but in a way it was a blesssing for her.. not for her grown kids or grandbabies ..

I have been handing out my cards for my etsy.com shop , and have two jobs :-)
I made the mistake of stating : custom orders welcome ! so .. :-)

My main goal of late is to get a pattern down for a shopping bag I love.
One that is easy enough , but stylish also . I an entire day making a pattern, revamping it, cutting,, figuring, sewing and fixing.. It came out great.. but b/c of the time spent it wouldn't be economical to sell.. SO .. back to the drawing room !

Well I'm off to get my camera working .. and get some photos on etsy.com : gracielynn

have a God Filled day !

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