Jun 6, 2008

"new" fabric..day of shopping

JEna & I did all our running around today..Libr,. reclying.. thrfits, groc.. $ store & cat food at the vets. At our fav. thrift I couldn't pass by some great fabrics for bags .. so that fabric is washed & on the line.
jena & I each got a summer dress.. which we are thrilled with .. mine was on sale for .99 ! course chatting with the ladies that work at the thrift is part of the joy of the day.

at the $ store they had hand made signs that read :
WAS 5.00 now is 3.00 !! Jena & I got a chuckle out of that..
Shouldn't it be .. Were 5.00 Now are 3.00 ?

My oldest dd just called & said Gas Prices are going up again ! Big surprise !
thankfully I am always frugal .

I have two shopping bags done.. and a couple hundred to go..
Best get outside tho.. and enjoy this beautiful day.

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