Jun 17, 2008


Hope you are having a great day !
We are saddened by the flooding in many areas of Iowa.. Thankfully my mom's home was not hit again this year as it was last. But we certainly understand what those experincing it are going through. Unless you have gone through it there is no way to understand.. And I for one don't want you too :-)

It has been cool here , no rain & very low humidty.. which we are thankful for.

On my yahoo group we have been discussing modest dress. culture versus Bible ..
If you haven't done so before.. pick one person out at work or your neighborhood that you would like to invite to chruch.. Then pray for that person every day. When you think God has spoken to them.. :-) then make your move. Nothing big.. Just say.. Do you attend chruch somewhere ? if not we'd love to have you come to ours.
Just sit back and reap the rewards God has provided.. We always worry about speaking to others.. but more then once i have heard people remark.. No one asked me to come.. if htey had I would have gone. OR .. seems no one goes to chruch anymore cuz no one has mentioned it to me.
My mil just told me today they she never asks anyone b/c she feels it is their choice.
I said Yea.. but by not asking them you are not giving them a choice ! She agreed !

well off to work in my sewing room. I want to knit.. & sew.. but I can't do both at the same time ! LOL


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