Mar 20, 2008


Hello ,
So fun to have a blog.. I've been reading other's for some time.. so neat.

Well it's a beautiful day here in Iowa.. sunny & 60 predicted :-)
And it's the first day of Spring ! YEA !!

As many of you may know we homeschool our youngest dd.. She is 11 yr old.. & has known nothing else :-) our oldest is 17 yr older, married with one son.. MY grandson :_)
He is here visiting until Easter. He is 5 yr old.. and born on my b-day !

I have a million projects to finish and get posted on if you haven't seen the site, ck it out. If you are into true craftmanship , american made.. then it's the shop for you. Some really really talented artists on there. I am humbled by all I see there.

Well off to do a bit of school before the warm breezes tease us outside :-)

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Anonymous said...

hello! great pictures Mom. Kiss My baby goodnight!